The Resources I Mentioned In Module 3: Camera

The Resources I Mentioned In Module 3: Camera

Below are the links to the resources I mentioned in this part of the training. These are not affiliate links and I am not being compensated in any way, shape or form by the products/services/companies I recommend.

Please note: technology changes pretty quickly... and products sometimes come and go. Look for the same features in the ones I recommend if they are not available. Feel free to reach out by email if you have any questions.

I have noted many products as to where they can be purchased. "(USA)" stands for USA, "(NL)" stands for The Netherlands. If you live outside these countries, look to the features of the products I recommend and search for comparable products.


Reincubate Camo Beta for Android (If you have an Android, I have signed you up for the Beta program. It is free. It will take a little time before they reach out to you, but at least you are in the queue.)
Make sure you have the correct connecting cable from your mobile phone to your laptop Camo will require it's own USB port on your laptop.
Other options

Android and Mac
Android only
Stands and mounts
If using a mobile phone as your camera, purchase these items:
If using an iPad, purchase this:
iPad Stand and iPad Holder
Note: Double check the height of your iMac or Monitor and make sure it will be at least the same height.
Other stand options for iPad/iPhone - I have not tried these but reputable sources found them suitable
Laptop Stand
I love my laptop stand. Previously I propped my laptop up on books - this is so much better! If you don't have a monitor, you will need something to elevate your laptop screen (see slides 43, 44 in Module 3 Camera presentation).
Logitech Webcam
Zoom backgrounds and shortcuts

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