Learn the Secrets to Looking Fabulous
on Zoom

“I just hate how I look.”


You have to look at your face so much on Zoom, I can’t stand it. You see all your imperfections, meeting after meeting.”

I have heard this many times and without question I felt this way too…. until now.
Most of us have all gone from a world of a couple online meetings a week, to many online meetingsalmost every day.
And not just for work… practically every part of our lives is via Zoom, 24×7.
We have gone from:
  • Working out at a gym to working out online
  • Dinner at a restaurant with friends to having a virtual cocktail
  • In-person doctor consults to virtual ones
  • Conferences, community meetings, classes interviews, weddings, and more have all become virtual events
  • And the list goes on….
EVERYTHING is via Zoom.
Given the cost and productivity efficiencies companies and people experience from working at home… don’t expect this to change anytime soon. Working from home will continue long into the future.

“According to a recent Upwork survey, about 1 in 4 Americans (26.7%) will be working remotely in 2021. Twitter, Dropbox and Shopify have already announced that they will be moving to permanent work-from-home setups, and Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, announced that half of the company’s employees could work remotely for 5 – 10 years.” Source: Forbes Magazine, March 19, 2021

So while there have been some benefits and hardships with this constant online life, one I did not anticipate was how confronting it is to see myself on screen hours every day!
Prior to this pandemic,  I would only check out my appearance at most, three times a day – then it became a countless “noticing”… several times a day.
I started noticing my wrinkles more. My neck. My chin. My posture. How often I touched my face.
How I looked on camera accentuated everything.
Besides being demoralizing, it was very distracting and made it difficult to be 100% present in meetings.

I even started researching plastic surgery! Evidently I am not alone in this. It turns out that the “Zoom effect” is real. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons report that 64% of its doctors have seen an increase in virtual consultations since the start of Covid-19, and the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons are reporting a 70% increase.

Bottom line is that without a setup to look and sound great on zoom, you are far from performing your best –  distraction, self-criticism, avoidance and loss of confidence are at the steering wheel.
While this may not be a big deal with an occasional Zoom meeting with a friend, the opportunity costs can be quite high when you are not your best on a business call, you are not your best for an important event, and you are not your best for networking.

Imagine another reality

So imagine instead of looking like death warmed over, you actually look great on Zoom! You shine!

You no longer cringe when the course leader or meeting facilitator requests “cameras on”. Your desire to be “video off” disappears because you look and sound so good.

You are no longer considering making an immediate consult for plastic surgery.

You don’t have to use a virtual background anymore, because the real thing looks so much better!

People can hear you clearly…. as a matter of fact your voice never sounded so good. You might even start thinking of creating a podcast you sound so great!

You now look forward to being on Zoom, and dare I say, excited to be online… because you feel so much better about how you look and sound.

You feel confident in not only how you look and sound, but in your ability adjust the tech when your environment changes.

When you look great, you feel great, and others feel it too. You feel confident to present that bold idea, close the sale, speak the hard truth to a client, or lead your team.

You are more present in meetings and focus exclusively on the purpose of meeting  – no more constantly checking your image and negative self-talk.Oh does that feel good!

There is a solution, and it doesn't require surgery

After months of research and testing… I found a solution.

I swear, when I got it all dialed-in, I felt like a million dollars. When you look really great on Zoom, you feel really great.

In this online course, I will tell you exactly what works, so you don’t have to spend hours, days, weeks or months like I did.

Learn the most salient tips and insights from seasoned pros:
  • What to purchase
  • How to set up your equipment
  • How to configure everything
  • All that will remain is for you to make tweaks based on personal preference
  • Bonus! I will also suggest mobile options so that you can easily set up wherever you find yourself
For approximately $300 in product purchases  +  this online course, you will look and sound fabulous.
Topics we cover:

It is totally possible for you to look amazing on Zoom

You know how you feel after a fabulous haircut or blowout? Well this feels pretty close to that… even better. This system is so great, that you even look good on a bad hair day! The confidence you feel is priceless. No more hiding. No more feeling awful about how you look. No more constantly checking yourself out and finding fault.

You can now be fully present, and focus your energy and talents on serving your clients, prospects, team and family instead of thinking about how you look. With that skip in your step that you are more at ease and make the requests that are necessary. Close more business. Take your client meetings up a notch. Lead. You are shining.

It’s the difference in tomatoes.  Say what? We have all purchased tomatoes from a grocery store. You know the ones, they are all the same shape and same color and the taste? Flat. Blah. But it is what it is and we buy them. And then one day you ventured to the Farmers Market, where you saw an amazing array of different shapes and colors of tomatoes, and when you picked one up, you noticed that it was heavier than you are used to and the colors were deeper and not all the same. And as you put a slice of it into your mouth, the juices dripped over your fingers… and the taste? Other worldly. Absolutely delicious. Your experience of tomatoes was forever changed. Well this is that farmers market tomato.


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